I need to whine


Sunday night T told me he wasn't feeling well. He took his temperature and it was 100.7. I made him take some Tylenol cold and gave him the number to my doctors office. I also attempted to not stay to close to him because its not really a week at work where I can manage to get sick.

T texts his brother/boss and says that he's going to stay home and so is our roommate because his license expired. (He turned 21 on Friday.) I wake up on Monday morning and feel fine. T still has a temperature, but its a slight one, 99.7. I called my doctors office to see if I could make an appointment for him, but apparently I didn't write down enough of the information from his insurance card, so I call him and tell him he'll need to do it.

He calls me back around 11 AM and says he made an appointment for 3:30 at the doctor's other office because my doctor doesn't have any openings. Our roommate C had already taken T's car to go get his license renewed. At 2 PM, T calls me and says that C is still not back and he's not answering his phone. So, I talk to my boss and leave work at 2:30 to go to T to the doctors.

As soon as we walked into the doctors office, I felt this overwhelming desire to cough. And cough. And cough. T fills out the new patient paperwork and finally we see the doctor. The doctor takes T's temperature, looks in his ears and at his throat and decides that T has the flu.

Really? He couldn't have managed to get any other non-contagious cold, he has to go and get the flu. Well, at least its the regular flu, not the swine herp as the girls on P&E refer to it. I tell the doctor that I'm a patient of another doctor in the practice, and ask if I should have her call something in for me, since its damn near inevitable that I'll get the flu too. He writes us both an RX for Tamiflu and we leave.

The lovely Giant grocery store fills the RX right away and we go home. I Lysol the desk that we share and T goes to the bedroom. And then calls for me every 5 minutes. I finally convince him to eat some chicken noodle soup because he hasn't ate since Sunday around 2 PM. I guess I'm slightly psychic since I decided on Sunday morning to make chicken noodle while standing at the grocery store. T takes the Tamiflu and a few hours later, his temperature. Its 101.5.

Now I'm cranky because I know I'm going to get sick soon but I absolutely have to go into work the next day because if not, no one is going to get paid. We go to bed around 10 PM and T tosses and turns and sticks to me constantly because his skin is so hot. I finally fell asleep around 2 AM.

Then, at 3:40 AM I wake up coughing so hard, I'm flying upright and the entire bed is shaking. Then because I get even more whiny and emotional when I'm getting my period, I start crying. Which makes my entire head stuff up and I feel like I'm going to die. T wakes up a bit later and asks why I don't take the cough medicine in the cabinet so I can go back to sleep. I know he partially meant it because he wants me to feel better and partially because its hard to sleep when the entire bed is thrashing around from the person next to you damn near hacking up a lung.

I said "because it expired." but what I thought in my head was "of course you want to take it because you want to be able to sleep, yet I couldn't sleep while you were kickboxing half the night and I have to go to work in the morning so shut the hell up." Did I mention I'm cranky when sick?

I get out of bed and go blow my nose in the bathroom until some of the pressure leaves. Then the cat starts crawling under my feet so I go and feed her, coughing and moaning all of the way. I get back in bed and T asks me whats wrong. I tell him I feel like I got ran over by an f-ing ice cream truck because my entire body is sore and I'm f-ing freezing. Which then gets me crying again because it hurt to even think about how much I hurt.

T's fever must have kicked back up because he started radiating tons of heat and I managed to warm up a bit, just being next to him. I couldn't lay on my side because my nose would stuff up and I wasn't comfortable on my back. I finally fell asleep and just when I felt like I was actually in that deep sleep my alarm for work goes off.

Now I'm pissy and cranky again. I get out of bed, brush my teeth and pee. I go to flush the toilet and the handle that flushes it makes a popping noise and refuses to flush. I know that there is some way you can manually flush the toilet if you take off the lid, but because my head is so stuffy, I still can't remember. And I think "Now on top of every other f-ing thing I have to do today, I have to call maintence at the apartment and so help them God if they tell me they can't fix it today."

Yes, we do have 2 bathrooms but the other one belongs to our roommate. And while he's a nice enough guy and all, he doesn't clean his bathroom frequently. So the thought of evening having to use it makes me want to scream. Loudly. But I'm sure that would give me a sore throat and then I'd just feel worse.

So, all of this manages to happen before 6:30 AM. I walk outside to go to work and its raining. Yup, like sheets of pouring rain. F you world!

I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for my coffee and bagel which was relatively uneventful, or so I thought. Now I'm at work. The coffee tastes fine, yay for still-working taste buds! But the bagel is as hard as a rock. Like it sat out overnight and then they decided to toast it, giving it a rock/brick like consistancy. Only about a centimeter around the edges is edible so I eat that and then lick off the cream cheese, cuz well, you know thats healthy for you. The payroll courier showed up so at least I have that done. My boss shows up and I tell him that I'm more than likely contagious so I'm leaving as soon as the banks open. He tells me that before I leave I need to figure out this new gadget that we bought. Its a high tech gadget and he and I are the only ones who know about it. It also doesn't come with instructions. I'm sure trying to figure it out when my brain is already foggy is going to go over well.

Now I just need to wait for the banks to open so I can deposit money into the company bank account. Then I need to call my doctor and see if she can give me something for the coughing. Then call the apartment complex and tell them they are going to fix the toilet today. Then get gas because my gas light is almost on. Then get the RX's filled. Then go home and curl up in bed with Mr. Kickboxer himself and attempt to sleep.

Okay, I think I'm done whining now. :-(

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