The Problem with Frozen Lasagna


There are days when I don't feel like bringing anything for lunch. Its troublesome enough to wake up on time and get out of bed, so why should I be bothered to think and actually prepare food for later?

I like the single-serve frozen lasagna's from Lean Cuisine and Stouffer's. I think they're rather yummy for being completely frozen and stuffed into a box. But there are some issues to this.

Do you actually listen to the directions and poke holes into the plastic or only rip part of it back? I used to and then I realized it was really creating a problem. All of my cheese would melt and stick to the plastic piece and not my lasagna. And the cheese is my favorite part damnit!

Theres another issue too. The box lies. Every microwave I've used has taken longer than the time listed to cook it. If the box says 4 minutes, it typically needs 7. If the box says 6-8 minutes, it needs 10-12.

So even though the box lies and it took me a while to figure out my cheese issue, I still like frozen lasagna. Other frozen meals....not so much. Healthy Choice cheated me one time with their new steamers meals. I picked out some meal, took it out of the box and realized that I had about 8 oz. of food in a giant plastic container. Seriously, there was 2 tiny pieces of beef, 3 potato chunks, 3 carrot slices and then some gravy. I paid almost $4 for 2 bites of food and 15 oz. of plastic. Awesome!!

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