A Funny Story


My fiance, Tom, is metrosexual. I absolutely love this about him. I've had boyfriends with some sketchy personal grooming habits. One hated clipping his nails so his would typically be longer than mine before I could convince him to do it. Another had no idea you could put conditioner on a beard to make it softer. Of course, my face paid the price. One wanted to bring the unibrow in style and refused to let me get near him with tweezers.

For a while, I thought this was just the way that guys are. They're "manly" and don't care about things like moisturizing body wash, using a shower poof instead of a wash rag, or showering on a daily basis. Then I met Tom.

Tom showers regularly, refuses to have a unibrow, clips his finger and toe nails often, knows what manscaping is, shaves his face regularly, and understands that using lotion or chapstick does not make you gay. Score!

One night I mentioned that I was going to get a pedicure that upcoming weekend. Tom asked me what it was like and I explained it the best I could, but told him its really something that you just need to do to really get the full effect of it. So, that weekend he came with me and got a pedicure. I was instantly happy! I had a new pedicure buddy!

Months later, I had a gift certificate to a nail salon. Tom came with me and randomly decided he would get a mani/pedi too. We're sitting there in the chairs with our feet in the bubbles and a guy and girl walk in. I can't really describe them any better than "white trash". One of the salon workers asks what the girl is getting done. She says "a pedicure and my cousin is going to get his eyebrows waxed." The guy says "I'm not sure yet."

The girl comes and sits in the chair next to Tom. The guy walked over and being classy and all, says "Dude. I didn't know guys got pedicures. Thats weird." Tom and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes.

The guy stands there for a few minutes just watching. Then the salon worker gives Tom and I the bowl to soak our hands in for the manicure. Apparently the guy had been in a salon before because he says "A manicure too? I thought only gay guys did that shit."

The entire salon went silent. The workers stopped what they were doing and just stared back and forth between Tom and the guy. You seriously could have heard a pin drop. The girl says "Oh my God you can't say shit like that!"

Tom: "You watch football, right?"
Guy: "yeah man."
Tom: "Well a lot of football players get manicures and pedicures. You wanna know why? If you take care of your hands and feet, they'll take care of you."
Guy: "Uhh yeah maybe."
Tom: "You wash your hands and feet right? This is the same thing. So if doing that is gay...."

I couldnt say anything during the entire conversation. I was in complete shock that someone would be so ignorant to say something like that. Well, no, thats not true. I can't believe someone would said it ALOUD!

Finally, the girl looks at Tom and says "I am so sorry. I can't believe he would say something like that. I've seen tons of guys get manicures and their eyebrows waxed. And obviously you're with her (points at me) so you're not gay."

The rest of the time we were there the guy kept sneaking glances over at us. It was ridiculous. Once we left, Tom said "Yet he was there to get his eyebrows waxed".

No wonder there are so many guys out there who think that any type of grooming or even giving a shit about what they look like will make others think they are gay. Just because there are assholes like that guy out there.

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