My Black Friday Adventure


I honestly can't believe that I am still awake right now. Tom and I woke up at 4 AM and went to Target. There was a gigantic line outside that we had to stand in for about 10 minutes before we finally got into the store.

Target just remodeled their store and did the absolutel most stupid thing ever. They put the toy section right in front of the electronics. I have never saw the crazy chaos that we experienced before in my life. It was completely insane. You would have thought they were giving away TVs for free with the amount of people that had them in their cart. The aisles were jam packed, you couldn't move an inch and the lines to check out were horrendous. Never in my Black Friday shopping experience have I ever saw anything like that. We could not wait to get out of there.

We bought 700 thread count sheets for $30, toys for my best friends kids, and the Norelco Arcitec Razor for Tom. I think we stood in line for about 35 minutes to check out. It was just crazy. My friend Shannon had texted me and asked where we were. She had went to Toys R Us first and was at Wal-mart. She said it was completely insane at both places.

Tom and I went over to the mall afterwards and picked up some of our other gifts. The mall was completely empty compared to Target. We ended up buying both of our wedding bands because they were on sale for $299 each.

Shannon texted me again and said that they were still standing in line at Walmart. It had been a good hour and half since I had last heard from her. Thank God we didn't go there!

We stopped at Fashion Bug on the way back and picked up a gift certificate for my mom. Tom said he wanted to see just how bad Walmart really was, so we drove through the parking lot and found it as full as a typical Saturday. We went inside and it was busy, but not crazy so we decided to do some more shopping. Tom bought the rest of the presents for me, I picked up some stuff for him, and then when we were checking out, we got an amazing deal. I wanted a Nintendo DS but they were sold out. A worker just so happened to walk up the aisle we were in, carrying a basket full of electronics. He stopped at us and said "I have two GPS in here, anyone want one?" Completely randomly, I said "Would you happen to have  DS in there?"

Would you believe he pulled out a blue Nintendo DS Lite? I could't believe it! Tom bought that for me as well. Then we headed over to Game Stop and spent even more money.

And the best present? My dad called me later in the day and said that he had finally received a portion of the money that he had been waiting on from an old lawsuit. He told me the amount and what he planned to do with it and what was left over. Then he said that he wanted to pay off my car and give us some money for Christmas. I met him at the bank and he transfered the money into my checking account. I had told him over and over that I didn't want any money from him but once he told me the lump sum he was going to receive (back payments for over two years because of a crappy lawyer), I decided screw it, I'm going to offend him more by not accepting the money so I'll just take it. And the balance on my car was really low. It would have been paid off in about 6 months anyway.

Tom and I decided to take the money that he gave us for Christmas and use it towards the money we just spend on our wedding bands. So, as of Tuesday, I'll no longer have a car payment. So now I have even more money that I can put towards our wedding.

Around 2 PM today, we went and bought a Christmas tree. Its 6 foot tall and really fat. I hope that all of the branches fall by tomorrow so we can decorate it before my family comes over on Sunday. I've spent the rest of my day wrapping all of the presents we bought and we decorated the living room.

I'm waiting for Chinese food to show up now and planning out my grocery list for tomorrow!

Did you go Black Friday shopping? How was your trip?

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