Weekly Dinner Breakdown


Okay, so I lied. I never came back and edited the last post. I realized it wasn't really a good week to show a breakdown because we have two Christmas parties this week and I wouldn't be cooking dinner. But I realized that after I planned out meals for the week. So, since I have the information I'll break it down based off what we were 'supposed' to eat.

Here's is how to have dinner for 6 nights (3 people) for under $50.

Sunday - Minestrone Soup
Celery $0.99
Carrots $1.29
Cabbage $0.89
Macaroni $1.99
Stewed tomatoes $1.00
I added in a package of beef cubes that were $3.25. So $3.25 + $6.16 for the vegetables  =  $9.41

Monday - Chicken Cordon Bleu w/ french fries and corn
Chicken breasts (3)  $3.48 (I got more meals out of the chicken than I expected when I wrote $5.12 in the previous post)
Swiss cheese  $3.10 for 1/2 lb.
Ham $3.77 for 1/2 lb.
French fries $1.00 (I used half a bag that was $2)
Canned corn $1.00
Total for meal: $12.35 However, we didn't use all of the ham or cheese, they both also made two sandwiches.

Tuesday - Lasagna
Ground beef $1.71 ($13.65 for 8 meals)
Lasagna noodles $0.75 ($1.50 for the box, used half)
Tomato sauce $1.00
Tomato paste $1.00
Ricotta cheese $1.50 ($3 container, used half)
Eggs (2) $0.22 ($2 carton of 18 eggs, $0.11 each)
Mozzarella cheese $1.50
Excluding the cost for spices like garlic, oregano and parsley = $7.68

Wednesday - Cajun pork chops with roasted potatoes and green beans
Pork chops (3) $3.25
Potatoes (5) $0.60 (I'm estimating 20 potatoes were in the bag)
Canned green beans $1.00
Excluding cajun seasoning, butter and salt $4.85

Thursday - Steak and mushroom teriyaki
London broil roast $5.00
mushrooms $1.99
teriyaki $1.15 (half the bottle, $2.29)
onion $0.30
Udon noodles $1.99
Excluding oil $10.43

Friday - Grilled cheese
Potato bread $1.00 ($1.99 loaf, 5 sandwiches)
American Cheese $0.55 (5 slices)
Excluding butter $1.55

Total cost for the week $46.27. Honestly, I never did the math on this before and I'm pretty damn impressed. We feed 3 people 6 meals for the same price as two people going out for dinner one night.

I think I'm going to start doing this weekly to see what the average is in a month.


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