New Apartment...some photos


I really debated on whether or not to upload photos of the apartment to Facebook because it would give all of my friends an excuse to not come and visit me since they "saw" the apartment through pictures. I lived 10 minutes from my friends last time and yet it took months and months before anyone ever came over to visit.

This time I think I'm going to have a housewarming party to force people to come over. Well, they better come over if I'm feeding them. If not I'd be cranky!

So, here are some pictures of the apartment. I don't have pictures of the living room, Calvin's room, the guest bathroom or the bedroom yet. I have no excuse for the living room, but I didn't feel like making the bed in our bedroom or asking Calvin to do his. Eventually I'll get around to it.


The bathroom is gigantic. I have no idea what to do with all of the counter and cabinet space. The cabinets that are under the sink are gigantic. In one I have all of the basic stuff like rubbing alcohol, peroxide, cotton balls, q-tips, and the trash can. The other side is a humidifer because we didn't know where else to put it. The next one is so large that it holds all of our towels and extra sheets. Then the floor to ceiling cabinet has the medicine stuff, random stuff, cleaning supplies and the bottom holds the cats litter box.

I really love the dining room. Its the one room that I feel is pretty much complete. Of course, there is still stuff that I want to do to it, but there are curtains and stuff on the walls. The curtains were quite an adventure to hang too! I can't say that I ever want to remove them to wash them because I know I'm not going to get them to look the same.

The jumbo kitchen. The amount of space I have is really ridiculous. The cabinet under the sink holds all of the cleaning supplies and miscellaneous stuff that used to be in our spare closet at the other apartment. The cabinets to the left of that hold all of the separate baking supplies, the cookie sheets, the muffin tins, the immersion blender, brownie pan, cake pan and the list just goes on and on. To the left of that is where all of the laundry detergent and spare trash bags live. One drawer is silverware, the other is plastic baggies, plastic wrap, foil, etc. and I even have a separate one to hold the measuring spoons, spatulas and everything associated with baking. 

Finally the pots and pans aren't stored above my head! I can't even explain how nice that is to actually be able to reach all of them without calling for Tom to come get something down for me. There are even cabinets that I don't have anything in yet!

One day I'll add more pictures of the rest of the apartment.

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