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I have a slight addiction to a certain wedding message board. One of the boards are other ladies getting married the same month as me. We talk about wedding stuff and basically any other topic that we can think of. Somehow we started talking about shopping for other people. One of the ladies that lives in MD too jokingly said to me that we should start a personal shopper business.

While I was on there today she got 3 pages for people asking to find her shoes. Since I was bored at the time, I did some searching and added to the posts. Everyone was really impressed with what all we could find. So, we joked about this personal shopper business so more.

When I got home today I decided it was worth googling to see what all I could find. Apparently, a personal shopper can make up to $50 an hour and/or 20% of the total purchase price. Now I'm seriously debating it. I don't want $50 an hour or 20%, I'd settle for $15 an hour and 15%, depending on the price.

Its SO easy for me to shop for other people. Shopping for me on the other hand is a nightmare. I can never find what I'm looking for in my size. But other people, no problem.

Polka Dot Wedge Shoe in Navy blue under $50? No problem.

Teal pashmina for your bridesmaids, under $10 each? Got that too. (

Haute Inspired Faux Pearl Bracelet under $25? Too easy! (

Cherry Blossom Ring Dish under $35? (

Purple Bra in a size 32G under $50? (
The picture won't work for that one. =(

See how easy it is? I spent less than 20 minutes finding that stuff and 10 or more minutes was trying to think of things that I could google.

So what do you think? Should I start a personal shopper business? What would you be interested in having someone find for you? How much would you be willing to pay?

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