Weekly Budget Breakdown #8


Once again this week will only have 5 meals instead of 6. I forgot to pull out dinner one night so everything got bumped back a day and Saturday we visited with the wedding caterer and I completely forgot to pull out dinner again.

Monday - Italian Chicken with tomato, corn and basil risotto
3 chicken breasts - $4
1/2 cup Italian dressing $.50
Arborio rice - $0.39
1/4 bag frozen corn $0.25
Total: $5.14

Tuesday - Steak with roasted red potatoes and green beans
3 steaks - $6
4 red potatoes - $0.64
canned green beans $1
Total: $7.64

Wednesday - cajun pork chops w/ roasted corn and garlic rice
3 pork chops - $2.50
1 boil-in-a-bag rice $0.66
1/2 bag frozen corn $0.50
Total: $3.66

Thursday - tacos
1 lb. ground beef - $1.69
lettuce & tomato $0.28
Mexican cheese $1.50
taco shells $1.49
Total: $4.96

Friday - chicken pizza
pizza shells $3.49
1/2 can pizza sauce $0.50
4 cups mozzarella cheese $3.00
1/2 package chicken tenders $3.12
Total: $10.11

Well, thats a bit ironic. I definitely wasn't expecting the pizza to be the most expensive thing on the menu. I'm not sure if I want the chicken or the pork chops to be the beginner meal for this week. I might just do both. And now onto the important part of this post, the total for the week....$31.51. YAY!

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