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Last week my friend Shannon asked me if I could help her find invitations for her daughter's 6th birthday. She had looked at the wedding invitations I made and thought I did pretty well on them. I said sure and started searching online to see what all was available.

I found a really cute invite on but they wanted $15 for just the graphic. That didn't count having it printed, adhered to cardstock so it wouldn't be flimsy or the envelopes. There was just no way I was going to spend that kind of money for a birthday invitation.

So I decided I would create my own. If I could manage to make wedding invitations just using word, I could surely make birthday invitations. I went to a craft store during my lunch break and picked up stickers of flip flops and balloons (its a pool party). I was going to buy the packs of 4x6 cardstock with envelopes, but $6 per pack of 10 was just kind of crazy. I came home and did some research online realizing that I could easily use 4x6 blank index cards.

Earlier today I went to Walmart and found the blank index cards and then a pack of invitation envelopes. I wanted colored envelopes, but the invites needed to be mailed next week so I knew I wouldn't be able to get them online. I messed around in Word for about 15 minutes and this is what I created.

The first part says "Join us as we celebrate MyKenzie's 6th birthday". The index cards ended up being too flimsy on their own. I knew that after I made menu's for the wedding that I would have leftover cardstock, so I used 7 pieces of the purple cardstock to back these.

What do you think? Shannon loves them.

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  1. Hi, nice invite, i discovered your website while looking for cool birthday invitations. Have a blessed day!


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