I've been a bad blogger


Since I added the Foodie Blogroll Widget I knew that there was a pretty good chance that my blog would get more traffic so I had all of these grand plans to update the blog more often and have awesome and cool recipes and yadda yadda.

As you can see, that didn't happen. I'm kind of disappointed about Easter. I made fruit salsa, twice baked potato skins, cheesy jalapenos, a ham and black bottom cupcakes and in the busy-ness of the day I completely forgot to take pictures. Everything I made was even displayed on cool serveware!

When I realized that I forgot to take pictures I said 'ah screw it' I'll just blog a dinner this week....until I realized that this week was clean out the pantry week. Last week Tom pulled some random things out of the pantry and told me I had to use them this week. What were they?
  • 1/2 box pancake mix
  • 3 boxes Kraft mac & cheese
  • Uncle Ben's Oriental Fried Rice
  • Uncle Ben's Mexican Fiesta Rice
  • 2 cans of tuna fish
  • a box of Barilla rigatoni pasta
Tom said he wants hot dogs and mac and cheese. Not together, like most people picture it, but he honestly wanted hot dogs on buns with a side of mac and cheese. I was supposed to cook this on Monday but when I got home Tom said he wasn't hungry (I later found a McDonalds bag in the trash!) so I didn't cook. Tuesday Tom told me the same thing (I didn't see any fast food wrappers though) so I didn't cook then either.Wednesday rolled around and since I pulled out a flank steak for the recipe on the back of the Mexican Fiesta Rice, I decided I was cooking come hell or high water. I was lazy and followed the recipe on the back of the box exactly. It was good, but not blog-worthy. Yesterday I tried to get creative and it completely failed. I attempted to make Italian Chicken over pasta with vegetables.

I marinated the chicken, cooked the pasta and sauteed the broccoli, red pepper and mushrooms in chicken stock but it was just gross. Tonight I'm making pancakes and bacon which isn't blog worthy either. I could add blueberries to the pancakes but considering its a box mix, I'm really not doing anything special.

I promise that next week I will be back with another Weekly Meal Breakdown and at least one recipe that is worth blogging. Don't believe me, internet? Well then I internet-pinkie-promise you. | <-- see, that's me holding up my internet-pinkie-finger.

Anyway, I hopped on here today because I wanted to find add one of those cool 'Print' buttons (I still haven't found one I like) and that's when I found all of the comments and followers.  My eyes got all big and I thought 'Holy crap I have people reading my blog and I haven't been here all week. That's horrible!.' So, here I am. Making excuses to you. =( Forgive me?

In other news, tomorrow is my 25th birthday. I'm not sure how I feel about that. In some ways I can't believe I'm 25 already and in others I feel like I haven't really aged after turning 21. Aside from cheaper car insurance there really isn't much to look forward to age-wise after turning 21. Think about it; at 16 you can get your license, 18 you're an adult and 21 you can drink. 25 is like "Woo hoo! I can rent a rental car, have cheaper car insurance, say that I'm a quarter of a century and prepare for turning 30!". Yeah - it didn't sound that exciting to me either.

So I'm kind of apathetic about turning 25. Its just another day to me. Which brings me to my plans. After a horrendous hair cut a few weeks ago by a new stylist, I am waking up early in the morning hours to travel 1 hour and 15 minutes or so to my old stylist who can hopefully salvage my head and make me look normal. Then I need to drive home, get a pedicure, spend some time with Tom and get ready to go out with some friends at the bar around 7 or 8.

On Sunday Tom and I are going to do something together but I have no idea what. He won't tell me. I get impatient when I know there is a surprise coming. Maybe I can convince him to tell me tonight. Now since I'm trying to eat healthier this is my internet birthday present to myself:

Looks yummy doesn't it? I found it here: http://somethingcakey.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/icecream-cupcake.jpg

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