Printer Friendly....finally


I got smart today and asked on the What's Cooking board of TheNest how they make printer friendly posts. In case anyone reading wants to use this (or in case I forget how to do it) I'm going to post the directions.

1. Click on Create New in Google Docs and select Document.
2. Copy and paste or type in the information you want to be printable. (Is that a word?)
3. Click on Share in the upper right corner and select Get the Link to Share.
4. Check off Allow Anyone with the link to view.
5. Copy the link.
6. Save & Close.
7. In your blog click on Link.
8. In Text to Display type Print Friendly
9. In Web Address paste the link to the Google Doc.
10. Click on Test this Link to make sure it works.
11. Click on Publish Post.

All done!

Printer Friendly  
Check it out! It works!

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