Weekly Meal Breakdown #8


I usually do this on the weekend, but hey, better late than never right? Oh and in case any of you live in Maryland or Pennsylvania and have a Redner's Markets nearby, they are having daily specials until May 22nd. Monday is $4.88 cooked rotisserie chickens, Wednesdays are $1.69 small packs of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, Thursdays are $1.88 small packs of 80/20 ground beef, and Fridays are $7.98 for 2 lb. bags of medium sized shrimp. Talk about an easy way to stock up the freezer!
Sunday - Steak w/ Oven Fries and Broccoli & Cheese
2 steaks $10.61 (I ran out of the family pack)
2 potatoes $0.32
1 head broccoli $0.48
1/4 block Velveeta Cheese $0.79
Total: $12.20

Monday - French Toast w/ Bacon
5 slices bread $0.55 
4 slices bacon $0.48
3 eggs $0.39
Total: $1.42
Nothing like cheap breakfast for dinner, huh?

Tuesday - Herb Rubbed Chicken w/ Creamy Orzo
3 chicken breasts $2.59
1 head broccoli $0.48
2 carrots $0.28
1/2 box orzo pasta $0.50
light cream $1.59
Total: $5.44

Wednesday - Healthy Tacos
1 lb. ground beef $2.09
can of kidney beans $0.69
lettuce $0.15
tomato $0.13
taco cheese $2.59
tortilla shells $0.80
Total: $6.45

Thursday - Tilapia w/ Tomato, Corn & Basil Risotto
Tilapia fillets  $5.69
Arborio rice $0.39
tomato $0.13
corn $0.38
Total: $6.59

Friday - Mini Pizzas
Thomas' Pita Shells $3.29
1/2 jar pizza sauce $0.50
1 1/4 cup mozzarella cheese $1.55
Total: $5.34   

The total for the week is $37.44. Pretty good.

I realized this week that we are spending A LOT of money on groceries, close to $500 a month for 3 people. That's kinda crazy considering I used to spend $240 for my mom and I. I can't imagine adding 1 person costing that much extra money. So I decided I'm going to start cutting down on what we buy and not always stocking the pantry until we actually run out of something. As long as the world doesn't end in 2012, I'm pretty sure I won't need to add to the 6 cans of green beans. =)

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