Weekly Meal Breakdown #14


Taking off work on Friday helped me to get a ton of stuff done, including making a menu for next week. Its a short week because we're going to a cookout tomorrow but unfortunately, its not a cheap one. We spend a lot more money at the grocery store this week than usual, but it seemed like all of a sudden we ran out of everything. The big purchases were paper towels, dishwasher tablets and steak. Even though we went over this week, we've been under by $20 or more dollars for the past 5 weeks, so I think it makes up for it.

I went through my recipe book again (and moved all of the desserts to another binder to make more room) and ended up picking out a lot of multiple-ingredient, fancy name, lots of detail meals that I found on other blogs. I guess it more than makes up for the lag last week where I felt like I was making boring stuff.

Monday - Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with red wine, cherry and rosemary sauce with roasted potatoes and vegetables
1 pork tenderloin - $3.41
3 slices bacon - $0.36
dried cherries - $0.45
3 potatoes - $0.48
2 carrots - $0.28
2 celery stalks - $0.28
Total: $5.26

Tuesday - Southwest Flank Steak with chili potatoes and corn on the cob
 2 lb. flank steak -  $7.84
3 potatoes  $0.48
6 ears corn on the cob - $1.00
Total: $9.32

Wednesday - Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken with fries and sugared asparagus 
3 chicken breasts - $2.65
brown sugar - $0.32
3 potatoes - $0.48
1/2 bunch asparagus -  $1.81
Total: $5.26

Thursday - Mexican Lasagna
1 lb. ground beef - $1.98
2 cups mexican cheese  - $2.00
1 can kidney beans - $0.75
1 can enchilada sauce - $1.39
1 can salsa verde - $1.50
1 can petite diced tomatoes - $0.99
8 tortillas - $1.33
Total: $8.44

Friday - Steak with 3 cheese risotto and parmesan asparagus 
3 steaks - $15.54
1/2 bunch asparagus - $1.81
arborio rice  - $0.65 (I need to find this in bulk somewhere. Redner's has it, but its $7 per container!)
1/2 box chicken stock - $1.25
Total: $19.25

And the total for this week is...47.53. Stupid steaks. I really need them to go on sale for $7.98 per pound again so I can buy a family pack. This $12.98 a pound crap is just crazy!

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