Weekly Breakdown #20


This week was a bit different. After I got an oil change this morning, I did a ton of cleaning. Not just the usual cleaning but the "spring cleaning" type of cleaning. Yeah, I know, its August and definitely not spring but we've been in the apartment for 6 months now so I thought we were a bit overdue.

Since I still had another 2 hours or so to complete all of my cleaning, Tom volunteered to make the meal plan for this week if I would make the grocery list. I was slightly worried about letting him and C go to the grocery store alone. The last time they did it, they came back with moldy strawberries and partially brown lettuce. This time was much better. They somehow managed to squish half a loaf of bread though...   :-)

Sunday - crab cakes with homemade french fries and corn on the cob
A couple of weeks ago we went to a restaurant that sells pre-made crab cakes. It's $50 for 6 of them, which is ridiculously expensive but Tom and I had planned on turning them into 3 meals while Calvin was in Europe. I'm not counting the price of the crab cakes into this because they were purchased a while ago.

4 potatoes $0.64
corn on the cob $1.98
Total: $2.62

Monday - hot dogs with velveeta shells and cheese
I am not a big fan of hot dogs or mac and cheese from a box so I think I'm just going to eat a salad this night, but either way...
4 hot dogs 1.92
4 rolls $0.94
velveeta shells and cheese $2.50
Total: $5.36

Tuesday - tacos
1 lb. ground beef $2.09
1/2 cup cheddar cheese $0.62
1/4 container sour cream $0.25
lettuce & tomato $0.30
1 can kidney beans $0.75
4 tortilla shells $0.95
Total: $4.96

Wednesday - cheesy bacon chicken with cajun roasted potatoes and asparagus
3 chicken breasts $2.91
1/2 cup cheddar cheese $0.62
5 red potatoes $0.80
1/2 bunch asparagus $0.99
Total: $5.32

Thursday - sloppy joes and chips
Tom's mom sent him two jars of sloppy joe sauce from a place near where he grew up. Its sat in the pantry for a few weeks and now since we're on operation eat-cheap I decided it was a good time to try it out. 
1 lb. ground beef $2.89
5 hamburger buns $1.56
Total: $4.45

Friday - "man"cakes and bacon 
Two years ago when we were on vacation in North Carolina, Tom decided that a standard pancake for breakfast just wasn't good enough. The house we were staying in had a super huge griddle and he decided to create a "man"cake. Or you know, just a gigantic pancake.
1/2 box pancake mix $1.45
1/2 package bacon $1.25
Total: $2.70

Tom is really happy with himself because they managed to only spend $97 at the grocery store and even picked up cereal and soda that weren't on the list. Last week we were at $112 I believe. Unfortunately, we still need to go to Walmart and buy paper towels, dish rags, cat litter and a few other things.

The total for meals this week is...$25.41. Not bad. Unfortunately I'm not really cooking anything this week so I don't have anything to blog. Maybe I'll make a dessert tomorrow. Next week I'm planning on making homemade pierogies. I'm excited!

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