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I finally came up with two things I can do tomorrow. One I already mentioned, wrapping presents, and the other is finally adding photos to our digital photo frame. I don't even know how long ago it was that my mom bought it for us or the number of times that Tom has asked that I add pictures to it, but I'm finally going to do it tomorrow.

However, I still don't have much to do tonight so I decided that I would recap all of my Black Friday shopping. For many years I was one of those people who scoured the ads weeks in advance, created a game plan for the items I needed, was out at the stores by 6 AM and stood in ridiculously long lines. This year, I still scoured the ads, but there was a bit of a problem.

We didn't need anything and either did anyone else. There wasn't anything so amazing cheap in any of the ads that I felt the need to wake up early and drive 35 minutes to get to the malls. Maybe its because we just got married and received practically everything from our registry. Maybe its because I'm lazy and since we live in the middle of no where I didn't feel like driving. Or maybe its just because we're older and don't need/want as much stuff as before.

So for once, I bought mostly stuff that I wanted. And I used gift cards to do most of it, so I didn't spend a ton of money which was really nice. Almost all of my shopping was done online, starting on Thursday afternoon since so many stores had online sales. Since Walmart was open on Thanksgiving I decided to venture out around 8 PM to pick up new cookie sheets and ramekins. When I saw just how empty our Walmart was, I decided I'd browse through the midnight deals ad and see what all there was. Of course, the inner shopper in me got to the best of me and I headed back out to Walmart at 11:30 PM for more items. Luckily for me, Walmart is less than a mile down the road.

Here's what I got from JC Penney:

I ordered the jewelry after finding the dress, although I have no idea where I'll wear it. The main reason I went to the JC Penney website was shoes and I ended up buying these:

Because I can never pass up a really good deal, I also purchased these things from JCP.

The blanket is for Gidget specifically. I'm tired of her stealing every blanket that I own and making it her own. The current one that shes taken from us is a dark blue chenille one. But she's had it for about two years now and even after repeated washings (and brushings of the cat) I still can't get all of the cat fur off it, so I'm going to replace it with the one pictured above in the linen color.

For my first trip to Walmart, I bought 3 of the cookie sheets and the ramekins.
I came home and then checked out Macy's website. We had gift cards from the wedding that I wanted to use.
 I bought two sets of the towels in a blue and green color similar to these.
 The skinny jeans were a random purchase. I needed $9 to get free shipping (saving $20) and the jeans were $14.
I'm really excited about this measuring cup/spoon set. It includes all of the really unusual measurements like 1/16. Neat!

It was getting close to midnight at this point so I ventured back out to Walmart and picked up:
 Every year Walmart has these 40 piece Rubbermaid set for $9 on Black Friday. This will be the second time I bought it to replace our current set. I don't know how I keep managing to lose the smaller containers but I'm determined to keep them for longer than a year this time.
 This is a fleece blanket and pillow set. I'm not sure if I want to give this blanket or the other one to Gidget, but for $6 I figured we'd get use out of it.
Most of these DVDs were $5. We don't need anymore DVDs and our current 5 shelf bookshelf holding them is completely overflowing, but I just couldn't pass them up for some reason. I bought the TrueBlood DVD for one of my friends. I even remembered to get a gift receipt in case she didn't want it or already had it, but I already managed to lose it. Oops!

After coming home from Walmart I was still wide awake so I checked out Kohl's to see what type of deals they had and ended up buying these shoes.
I had tried them on in the store about a week ago and had planned on buying them but Tom rushed me out as we still needed to eat before we went to see Harry Potter. You can't beat a pair of Nike shoes for $35. What's even better is I managed to find a 20% off coupon and free shipping so I only ended up paying $29.56 for them.

Then Tom decided to tell me what he wanted for Christmas and we went on looking for deals. I ended up getting him these:

Its a keyboard and mouse that are specific for gaming. I can't quite say that I get the logic in having a special keyboard and mouse for a game, but with as much as he plays the game, I figured why not. They both had great reviews and were both on sale.

Now I'm just patiently waiting for everything to arrive. I've already received shipment notifications from JC Penney, Amazon and Macy's.

Did you go out Black Friday shopping? What was your best deal?

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