Weekly Menu 11/14


So would you believe after making that really long (and still not complete) list of meals I wanted to try, I only picked two of them for dinners next week? Part of the reason is because Tom requested spaghetti and meatballs in the crock pot again and I'm curious to try browning them first. Another reason is because I'm making chili tomorrow and my freezer is pretty full so we need to go through leftovers quickly.

Sunday - crock pot spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread

Monday - chili 

Tuesday - cheddar and cracker chicken with noodles and parmesan roasted broccoli

Wednesday - beef teriyaki

Thursday - spicy linguine with shrimp

Friday - SUSHI!

Let me just explain the complete and necessary need for the capitalization for Friday's dinner. Almost a year ago, we left the comforts of Baltimore and moved to the middle-of-nowhere Maryland. Being that we're still in the state that's pretty popular with seafood, I assumed that of course there would be decent seafood and sushi places here. Ha! The closest place is over 30 minutes away from us in Wilmington, DE. The two places that were comfortable getting sushi...well, one is over an hour away in Timonium and the other is 2 hours away in Rehoboth, DE.

My next thought was that I'd just learn to make sushi. Well, just another issue with living in the middle of no where is that the grocery stores don't carry unusual ingredients. Hell, I can hardly find arborio rice to make risotto and attempting to find things like bamboo mats, Nori and Wasabi are damn near impossible.

When we were on our honeymoon, we wandered into the local Hatteras Island grocery stores and believe me, I was more than shocked to find that they carried Nori, pre-made sushi rice and wasabi. I bought them immediately. But, I still needed a bamboo mat. I thought about just ordering one online and even had the link to one from amazon up on my computer for over a week before I realized my next issue. There isn't anywhere I could buy fresh fish.

Finally, today I was able to solve both problems. On a recommendation from a Knottie, we checked out a new grocery store. Not only did I feel I could completely trust their fish for sushi, but they carried bamboo mats. I decided against buying the fish since it would be over a week old and decided I'd make California and Philly rolls instead.

Next time though, I'm buying fish and making some 'real' sushi! I can't wait!


  1. How did browning the meatballs turn out? Better than just leaving them in the crock?

  2. I don't know! Tom browned them but did something to them and they fell apart in the crock pot. I guess I'll just have to make the recipe AGAIN. =)


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