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Of course, with a week (and half a day) left until Christmas I made the decision that I'd make holiday treats for my co-workers and our families. I have no idea how I'm going to get all of this done since I created a pretty impressive menu, but I'm determined to get almost everything done this weekend.

We still don't know yet what days we're seeing each of our families so hopefully that will buy me some time and I can make some stuff on Christmas Eve or the day before.

Work Holiday Treat Containers
- chocolate chip cookies
- snickerdoodle cookies
- decorated sugar cookies
- chocolate peanut butter surprise cookies
- caramel popcorn
- caramel chocolate squares
- sassy salted nuts

Family Holiday Treat Containers
- chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, chocolate peanut butter surprise, and decorated sugar cookies
- sugar coated pecans
- chocolate truffles
- caramel chocolate squares
- caramel popcorn
- sassy salted nuts
- chocolate covered pretzels

Yes, I fully realize that I may be crazy. But, I have the chocolate chip cookie dough made and currently hanging out in the freezer. I'm cheating on the snickerdoodle and sugar cookies, I bought pre-made packages of each, I made the chocolate covered pretzels tonight and I'm currently multi-tasking by making the sassy salted nuts while I bake the chocolate chip cookie dough brownies for a Christmas party tomorrow.

Tonight I plan on making the caramel popcorn, sugar coated pecans, chocolate truffles and since I finally decided to buy meringue powder for royal icing, I'm going to make up two batches of that tonight for my sugar cookies. Tomorrow I plan on making the chocolate peanut butter surprise cookies and the sugar cookies.

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