Weekly Menu 10/30 - 11/4


I intended to post the menu for this week on Sunday like usual. But this happened:

Never in my 26 years of living in Maryland has there been snow in October. But here it was. PA got hit harder Maryland which meant our plans to go pick up this:
were delayed until Sunday. And then, in the middle of making my Secret Recipe Club dinner, the power went out. 

For almost 5 hours. 

I couldn't do homework. I couldn't make this post. And I couldn't get my kitty!

So Sunday was spent with 4 hours total in the car going to pick up the kitten and then doing homework. Now I'm all kinds of behind! 

But I need to share the latest picture of Itty von Kat (Itsie) first:
Isn't she adorable? There's like 5 inches of fluff before you get to her actual body. She loves running around in circles and making you chase her. Itsie also enjoys being held and rolling over in your arms so you can pet her stomach too. 

We're in love with her. Gidget on the other hand is less than impressed. She eyes her warily and when Itsie gets to close, she hisses at her. There was a slight improvement today. Hopefully Gidget gets over it soon because keeping them separated is not easy!

Anyway, onto the menu. 

Sunday - Philly Cheesesteaks

Monday - Pumpkin Bisque with Smoked Gouda

Tuesday - Chili Pasta Bake

Wednesday - Cranberry Ricotta Gnocchi with Brown Butter Sage Sauce

Thursday - Bloody Mary Flank Steak with Roasted Potatoes and Corn 

Friday - to be determined

The pumpkin bisque and cranberry gnocchi are recipes I'd like to make for Thanksgiving. I hope to have the recipes up soon!

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