Valentine's Sugar Cookies


For the past two weeks or so my Google Reader has been full of cupcakes, cakes, chocolate mousse, cookies and various other Valentine's Day desserts. I was really disappointed that I have so little time with my college classes that I wouldn't be able to make anything.

Tonight I came home to a sparkling clean apartment, roses in a vase and a Valentine's Day card courtesy of my lovely husband. Now I had about 2 hours of extra time that I could do anything I wanted with. I could have spent it working on my college classes, but that didn't seem nearly as much fun. So I headed on over to the grocery store, picked up all of the usual groceries and then picked up the ingredients for sugar cookies and royal icing.

Okay, well that's not completely true. I picked up a package of cookie dough and some powdered sugar. Note to self: before planning to make red and white cookies, make sure you have enough red coloring. So I ended up with pink and white cookies, but whatever.

Royal icing is definitely one of the hardest things that I've ever made. Some recipes call for meringue powder and others call for egg whites. The amount of powdered sugar and water or milk varies from each recipe. I didn't have much success with the recipe that I used before, so I decided to try a new one out.

I used this recipe from Bake at 350. I don't believe I'll try another recipe. Here's the cookies:

Granted, I still need a ton of experience with piping and flooding with the icing. My #1 tip was disagreeing with me, I had misplaced my #3 so that left me with #5. Its definitely too large of a tip to do any small details, but it worked well enough. I can never get the right consistency for flooding the icing. It either ends up too watery or still to thick to spread. But at least I got the icing right!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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