Weekly Menu 3/13 - 3/18


Ah, a week with no college homework. :-) I've already celebrated my lack of busyness by making the Strawberry Vanilla Buttermilk Cupcakes yesterday along with some Strawberry Lemonade. I'm debating on making some sugar cookies with royal icing for St. Patrick's Day as well.

I went on a bit of a cleaning spree on Friday night. Along with the regular cleaning, I washed all of my pot holders, kitchen towels and extra blankets lying around the house, reorganized my closet to move the sweaters toward the back, and reorganized the bathroom closet. Today I think I'm going to reorganize the pantry and move some DVDs into this nifty holder that we purchased from Amazon.com.

Tom's mom showed us this holder over a year ago but we finally decided to cave and buy them. We purchased two of them and it appears that we're going to need a third. I can't believe how many DVDs we have, but at least it makes the bookshelf holding them look much more organized. Anyway, onto the menu for the week.

Sunday - stuffed flank steak with mexican rice

Monday - raspberry chipotle chicken with mashed potaotes

Tuesday - potstickers with sugar snap peas over rice

Wednesday - crock pot spaghetti & meatballs with garlic bread

Thursday - Parmesan and herb chicken tenders with roasted red potatoes

Friday - some type of pizza

Tom will probably have pepperoni pizza but I'm thinking of making something a bit fancier for myself. Maybe something with caramelized onions, mushrooms, or a roasted fruit. Or maybe all three. I'm not sure yet.

I'm sure some traditional Irish person is quite irritated with me since I'm at least 50% Irish but I'm not a fan of Irish foods so I didn't bother looking for something to make on St. Patrick's Day. Then again, it will also be 6 months since Tom and I got married so maybe I can use that as an excuse to go out to dinner instead. :-)

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