Weekly Menu 3/20 - 3/25


Oh spring, how I've missed you. The weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday, it got to almost 80 degrees. Actually, it was 80 degrees in our apartment. Spring is definitely one of my favorite seasons because it means summer is right around the corner. And oh do I love summer. Flip flops, trips to the beach, summer clothes, and warm weather. Nothing is better than that.

Which means I really need to get started on exercising. I said I was going to do it all winter but I never got around to it. Now with college classes until May I'm sure its going to be even harder, but I'm determined to lose the 5 or 6 pounds I put on over the winter.

This week's menu is pretty simple since my classes start again and I'm sure the professors have no interest in making our first week back an easy one. Another neat thing this week: the cooking message board that I read daily has started a recipe swap. I'm part of this week and really excited to try out something new!

Sunday - pork with cherry sauce, roasted red potatoes and corn

Monday - recipe swap meal!

Tuesday - velveeta mac and cheese

Wednesday - sloppy joes and fries

Thursday - leftover chicken noodle soup (I'm cleaning out the freezer)

Friday - fried shrimp and fries

I'm also going to do some baking tomorrow. I found another recipe for blueberry muffins that looks delicious. I plan on eating them for breakfast next week. I'm also going to attempt to make granola bars. For as simple as they are, I've never made them before. That definitely needs to change!

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