Easter Dinner Recap


Am I the only one that feels like when you host a meal for a holiday, the amount of time your guests are there is about 3 times less the amount of time takes you to clean and prep everything? I'm pretty sure I spent close to 20 hours getting everything ready for Sunday and everyone was only here for 5-6 hours.

Here is a recap of our Easter dinner.
When my mom and Rodney arrived around 1:30, I put out the appetizers.
 Cheese, crackers and veggies tray
Other appetizer not pictured: deviled eggs

Late last week my mom called me and asked if I minded if she bought the ham from a Heavenly Ham store. She chose a 7 lb. pre-cooked bone-in ham with a brown sugar glaze. Once everyone had successfully stuffed themselves with appetizers, I put the ham in the oven to reheat. 
brown sugar Heavenly Ham, ham 
I served the ham with the following dishes:

Garlic Roasted Mashed Potatoes (recipe coming soon)
and the following non-pictured sides: bacon green beans and honey yeast rolls. Since we're Polish, my aunt couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring along some sauerkraut and kielbasa. 

Nothing goes better with dinner than wine. I made sure that everyone tried this out!

An hour or so after everyone had finished eating, I pulled out the desserts:
My favorite, the Fruit Trifle

and the Easter Sugar Cookies my cousin thought I bought from the store.

Do you have any traditions on Easter? My family has always "picked eggs". Tom has never heard of this. Each person has a hard-boiled (and preferably decorated) egg. Two people will "pick" eggs against each other. The person to go first will hold their egg with the pointier part down. The other person will hold their egg in their hand so only the pointy part of the egg shows. Person one will tap their egg against person two's egg and the person with the unbroken egg after one tap is the winner. If neither egg breaks, the people take turns tapping their egg until one egg breaks. The person who didn't break their egg continues on with the same egg against other people. Does that even make sense? It seem so much more confusing writing it out than actually doing it. 
My mom and my aunt picking eggs

And this is what happens when your almost 26 year old husband receives an early birthday gift of a remote control airplane. He decides to land it on your head, and instead manages to tangle the propellers around ALL of your hair. 

So then as payback, you force Mr. I Hate Taking Pictures into taking one with you. 

I hope you had a great Easter!

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  1. Looks great! I am so happy to see that someone else knows the egg cracking tradition! I haven't heard it called picking eggs, but my Polish family always did it. DH thinks I'm nuts...


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