Weekly Menu 4/11 - 4/15


Since my birthday is tomorrow I decided I'm taking the day off from cooking. We really don't have anything planned for tomorrow, other than a pedicure and that I'd like pit beef for lunch. I did realize however, that it would be impossible not to bake myself something for my birthday. Its currently in the oven so, fingers crossed they turn out, and a post will follow soon.

Monday - taco pie
Tuesday - raspberry chipotle bbq chicken with garlic roasted potatoes
Wednesday - fried shrimp and fries
Thursday - caramelized onion and mushroom paninis
Friday - Asian beef with veggies

There are some repeats on the menu this week. A couple of weeks ago I had planned on making the raspberry chipotle chicken but when I pulled out the recipe before dinner, I realized it took 45 minutes to make the sauce and 45 minutes to cook the chicken. It was already late so I scrapped that plan and made something else. I'm going to make the sauce today to save me some time this week.

The fried shrimp are also a repeat. I forget what happened that Friday night that I was supposed to make them, but I believe it ended up as a fend for yourself night. I really don't like fried shrimp so I think I'll just fry some up for Tom and either steam or roast them for me.

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