Weekly Menu 6/26 - 7/1


Another weekend is practically over and again, I have no idea where it went. I came home Friday to find that Tom had washed clothes and the sheets and had cleaned the bathroom. An hour long burst of energy completed the rest of the cleaning for me.

On Saturday I had planned on waking up early, going to the grocery store and then going to my mom's to hang out by the pool. I ended up waking up much later than expected and made a very un-Nichole decision. I've always been one of those people who gets everything they need to done first and then spends the rest of the day relaxing or having fun. This time I decided that the grocery store would still be there when we got back and promptly put on my bathing suit and headed to my moms.

Of course, the sun decided to play a game of hide and seek behind the clouds and I'm no less pale than before I left for my moms. We still had a good time though.

Sunday - baked crab rangoons with veggie egg rolls

Monday - stuffed fajitas with Mexican rice and corn

Tuesday - chicken and mushrooms with a garlic wine sauce

Wednesday - corn fritters

Thursday - seared scallops over pasta with sesame green beans

Friday - possibly pizza

I'm off work this Friday as I quickly learned attempting to drive up 95 on the Friday before a holiday weekend isn't just a pain in the ass, its damn near impossible. My absolute favorites are the minivans full of kids in the left lane, driving 50 mph in a 65. Can you tell that I absolutely detest traffic?

I'm not quite sure yet what we plan on doing for the Fourth of July weekend. My mom is having a pool party on the 2nd so we may go there since my aunt and cousin are going or we may go to the beach and stay with Tom's parents. If we go to the beach, I'd really like to see my aunt but the traffic to get from Tom's parents house to hers will probably be a nightmare. Decisions, decisions!

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