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I missed going to the farmers market near work last week because we went to the beach. I was more than happy to go at lunch time today. I was also rather proud of myself for walking past all of the homemade baked goods and candies and heading directly to the back of the market where the seafood and produce guy has his stand. I have to admit, I went a bit overboard this time and spent $14 but I got a ton of stuff.

The best priced item was definitely the green peppers. We're paying something ridiculous like $1.50 per pepper at the grocery store and he had 5 peppers (4 green, 1 red) for $3. I also couldn't pass up a Costco sized container of raspberries for $2. The other items I bought was 6 ears of corn for $2, a 3lb. bag of fingerling potatoes for $2, half a seedless watermelon for $2, two 8 oz. cartons of mushrooms for $1 each and a ginormous head of romaine lettuce for $1. I seriously debated on $2 for 6 cucumbers and $1.50 for a half pound of tomatoes but I wasn't confident that I'd be able to use them before they went bad.

When I got back to work I asked my coworkers if they'd be interested in going in on half of the items I knew I wouldn't use in time. They said yes so I'm sure I'll end up with even more stuff than this week. My next concern was what I could do with 5 peppers. Luckily, I have my lovely message boards on the internet and someone suggested stuffed peppers. I have no idea why I didn't think of this. I've only had them once, about 10 years ago and I didn't really like them. Hopefully my tastes have changed. I also asked about the raspberries and was given a great recipe for a somewhat unhealthy fruit tart. Since my mint plant is growing out of control I'm thinking I'll use the remaining raspberries on mint mojitos.

Sunday - stuffed peppers

Monday - corn and black bean burgers with homemade potato chips and corn on the cob

Tuesday - BBQ pulled chicken with corn on the cob

Wednesday - shrimp bisque

Thursday - asian noodles with beef

Friday - to be determined (The recipe swap for the next week is breakfast but I don't have the recipe yet)

Other items:
Breakfast - breakfast burritos (ham, eggs and peppers)
Lunch - chicken ceasar salads
Dessert - fruit tart

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