Connor's Birthday Sugar Cookies


Back in June when I made MyKenzie's Birthday Sugar Cookies, I mentioned to my friend Kayleigh that I could make sugar cookies for her son's upcoming 2nd birthday. She said that she was planning on having a baseball themed party and we instantly started talking about menu ideas, including baseball and bat sugar cookies.

Of course, I came home and instantly ordered a baseball bat cookie cutter. A few weeks later I followed up with Kayleigh about the cookies and she said that they had changed the plan to a luau party. We decided on hibiscus flowers and palm trees.

I have to say, adding coconuts onto palm trees seems simple but for some reason I just can't do small details on sugar cookies. So some of the palm trees are lying up against the base of the tree. Because, palm trees fall you know.

Anyway, here are the cookies.

The cookies went incredibly fast!

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