Weekly Menu 9/11 - 9/16


I don't even know what to talk about for this prelude into the recipes for this week.

Maybe I should talk about how today is the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. Ten years already? Just something else where you can't believe how fast the years have passed. Its a common question that always seems to be asked on each anniversary, but do you remember where you were that day?

I was sitting in my 11th grade Oceanography class. Our classroom was across the hall from the library and our teacher wasn't in the room at the start of class. It was unusual, but not that strange. When he came in, there was a blank look on his face and he said "A plane hit the World Trade Center in New York City". My first thought was that it was an accident. I didn't even really understand what a terrorist was at that point. The teacher explained as much to us as he could and then we moved into the library for a project. Except the word had spread and all of the televisions in the library had the local news on. Teachers were pouring into the library to watch the tv. The second plane hit the second tower and no one moved. I realized at that moment that it definitely wasn't an accident. Some of the teachers made a half-hearted attempt to tell us to work on our projects, but we all just sat there staring at the screen daring to wonder what we'd see next.

As much as watching that second plane hit the tower is a memory that will never be erased from my mind, what affected me more was a phone call I got at work that evening. I worked for an answering service and we answered for all types of companies; a small division of the Red Cross was one of them. I spoke to a woman who told me that she was a registered nurse and was willing to drive to NYC that evening to give blood, take care of people, or remove bodies. I still can't think about that conversation without getting teary-eyed.

On a lighter note, I have no idea where this summer went.  I can only vaguely remember Memorial Day and 4th of July and being super impressed with our electric bill not being astronomical during the hot and humid days this summer. But for the most part, it all just passed by in a blur.

Which somewhat related to the next thing I could talk about. Our one year wedding anniversary is this Saturday, the 17th. I'm sure I'm starting to sound like a broken machine when I say "already?" again, but its the truth. It's been an interesting year for us and I'm hoping that the next one will be less stressful. It's funny to think that at this time last year, I was picking up my dress from the final fitting and double checking that I had a list made for absolutely everything that needed to be done.

This is getting long, so I may as well get to the menu. :-)

Sunday - chicken and pasta with asiago cream sauce

Monday - burgers (a newly created recipe) and fries

Tuesday - pork and veggie stir fry

Wednesday - rosemary chicken with jasmine rice and green beans

Thursday - steak with mushrooms and twice baked potatoes

Friday - stuffed shells

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