Weekly Menu 11/12 - 11/17


What a busy weekend! I haven't received confirmation from my boss that I can take off the day before Thanksgiving yet. If I can't, I'm really worried that I'm not going to get everything done in time since I'm almost done with my college classes too.

Since the appetizers I'm making for Thanksgiving (pumpkin bisque and cranberry ricotta gnocchi) can be made ahead of time and frozen, I spent a bit of time in the kitchen this weekend making them.

On Friday someone on a message board I read mentioned that they are having Philly Cheesesteak Spring Rolls as appetizers for their wedding. Does that not sound absolutely wonderful? I already had the menu planned for this week but I couldn't pass up a chance to make those! So I went against my usual no-cooking-on-Saturday rule and made them for dinner. They were awesome! I'll have a post up for them soon!

Here's the menu for this week:

Saturday - Philly Cheesesteak Spring Rolls 

Sunday - recipe swap meal!

Monday - Creamy Mushroom and Roasted Cauliflower Soup 

Tuesday - Tailgate Sliders and Fries

Wednesday - Chicken and Pasta with Asiago Cream Sauce

Thursday - Spicy Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans 

Friday - fend for yourself

Tom's friend Scott is coming to visit us on Friday and will be here through the weekend. I probably should be a good hostess and cook that night but there's a much higher chance that we'll end up getting pizza.

I didn't manage to get any baking done last weekend so I'm making pumpkin cheesecake muffins and caramel apple risotto. Recipes to come soon!

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