Weekly Menu 1/15 - 1/20


Accomplishment: I managed to exercise three days last week. Goal: To exercise 5 days this week.

I think I mentioned that Tom's family is doing a biggest loser style challenge and Tom and I are participating. It's based off who loses the largest percentage of weight. I'm pretty sure we've lost from the start considering practically everyone else who is participating doesn't spend 11 hours a day getting to work, working and getting home from work. So they get a ton more time to work out than we ever will. But, we're still participating, because who knows what will happen by the end of the competition?

I never find it easy to come up with healthy dinner options. They all seem boring and plain. So I found relatively healthy recipes, or recipes I could make healthier by changing the ingredients and figured as long as we're eating a healthy breakfast and lunch, we can cheat a bit on dinner.

Sunday - Pumpkin Gnocchi with Mushroom Sauce and Salad

Monday - Chicken and Dumplings

Tuesday - Healthy Recipe Swap Meal 

Wednesday - Lasagna Soup 

Thursday - Shrimp Scampi

Friday - Sesame Beef with Stir Fry Veggies

For breakfasts this week I'm making fruit filled granola bars and for lunches, fajitas.

I'm trying to branch out on snack ideas and I'll I've managed to come up with is veggies and hummus, hard boiled eggs, string cheese, yogurt and fruit.

What are some of your favorite healthy meals or snacks?

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