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Have you ever had a day or moment where you outlook on things just changed without anything specific happening to cause it? I had one of those recently. Confession: Work has been pretty depressing for me lately. I know I've shared that we're short-staffed but I never really went into detail about it. In being short-staffed that's meant that everything has fallen on Tom and I and it became exhausting. Like to the point where I would come home and not even have the energy to make dinner because all of my energy was being sucked up by all of the things that needed to be done at work.

And then something just changed. It could have been that one of my friends came and hung out with us on New Years Eve and it reminded me that there is a life outside of work and the day to day tasks. It could have been that we had a meeting with our corporate office and pleaded our case that we need another office person. Even though they didn't say yes, they didn't say no. It could have been that we bought new bedding and I learned that its not exactly easy to shove a comforter into a duvet. It could have been that I'm not taking college classes this semester which means every night and every weekend is mine alone. I have no responsibilities! Okay, that's not true, but I have less responsibilities. Or it could have been that another friend and her husband came to visit yesterday and we had an awesome time. We wandered around in the small shops in my middle of no where town, ate dinner at my favorite seafood place here and then looked at houses online.

Either way, whether it was any of those things or none of those things that caused it, I just generally have a much lighter feeling about everything and I really like it.

Have I ever mentioned that the urge to do spring cleaning never happens to me in the spring? Twice a year, usually in completely random months, I look at the apartment and just want to scream. There's stuff there that doesn't have a proper home. Or there is a stray hair hanging out on the bathroom baseboard that I keep missing each time I clean it. These things drive me crazy. Yes, I realize this may make me a bit OCD and I'm okay with that. So last Friday I had a vacation day. And you know what I spent the entire day doing? Cleaning.

I'm talking cleaning out the file cabinet, throwing out expired medications, wiping out the inside of cabinets, scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees instead of using the mop, baseboard cleaning type of cleaning. That scary type of cleaning where you never feel like you're going to finish until absolutely everything is sparkling. The cats assumed I went crazy and hid from me most of the day. Tom left for work before 7 in the morning and that's when I started my cleaning escapades. At almost 6 in the evening when he came home, I was still cleaning and there was a mountain of trash bags next to the door. So maybe the cats were right.

But you know what that left me to do on Saturday? Damn near nothing! So what I decided to do was finally organize my recipes. Another confession: I print recipes like they are never going to sell ink or printers again. I have a 2" binder that was completely stuffed with recipes I had printed as long ago as 2006. I'm not joking. Some of these recipes I've never even made. But I went through that binder and the stuffed to the gills 1" binder of desserts and organized. I now have a binder full of my favorite recipes and desserts that have been tested and perfected (and are included on this blog). I also have two other binders, one with dinners to try and the other with recipes to try. They're even in shiny new page protectors! This calmed the inner OCD freak me to no end. I'm actually debating on going through my reader and printing out all of my starred recipes to add to the 'to try' binder. Maybe later today.

So what in the world does this have to do with the menu? Well, after I created the 'to try' binder, I decided I would require myself to make meals from there until I made a serious dent in the amount of recipes. Except for one, each recipe on the menu this week is completely new and untried. Which is good for you since you'll see a lot of new recipes coming soon (pending that they all turn out!)

Sunday - Flank Steak with Mushrooms, Parsnip Puree and Green Bean Bundles 

Monday - Vietnamese Pork and Noodles

Tuesday - Crab Bisque 

Wednesday - Jalapeno Popper Chicken with French Fries and Corn 

Thursday - Mushroom and Goat Cheese Quesadillas with Cranberry Relish 

Friday - mini pizzas 

Since I didn't get any baking done last weekend, I plan on making the apple muffins this weekend, along with my recipe for the Improv challenge.

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