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 For a while now I've debated on adding a new section to my blog. Based off what I see on Pinterest, most people are looking for ways to simplify grocery shopping or cooking dinner. Printable menus are pretty popular. A weekly menu with grocery list also seems to be something many people are interested in. Household or food related tips are other big pins. Since I do care about what my readers want/are interested in, it'd be stupid for me not to take this opportunity to make some changes.

After talking with a few Facebook friends it also appears there is a desire for people to reuse ingredients in different meals so they're not throwing away items at the end of the month. Even with all of the planning that I do, I'm guilty of this more often than I'm willing to admit. Recently it seems there's been a decent amount of media coverage on the amount of food people and restaurants throw away. The numbers are really alarming so if me posting 10 Recipes That Include Broccoli saves as little as one sandwich sized baggie of food from being thrown away, I'm all for it.

But here is where I need your help. What do you want to see? What will help you?

Are you interested in a few meals that use the same ingredients or would you rather see a post with a list of recipes that include a specific ingredient? Do you want to know some cooking/baking/kitchen tips or substitutions? Do you want to see more cooking for beginners recipes? Would a list of common pantry ingredients help you? Is there a type of recipe you want to see more of? Do you want to know where I get my recipes from? Do you want to see a funny picture of my cats?

I realize I won't be able to do everything that every person wants, but I'd like to try. So please take a minute to email me at cookaholicwife@gmail.com or leave me a comment on this post and let me know anything and everything you'd be interested in seeing!


The last question was rhetorical. Of course you want to see a funny picture of my cats. 
 I don't know how I captured Gidget in mid-yawn but it was just too perfect of a picture not to add a speech bubble. Since Tom and I frequently look at Itty and say "Its so FLUFFY!", I decided that Gidget thinks the same way we do.

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