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I have news. I've held off on sharing something from you because I was afraid I was going to jinx it. But, its close enough now that I think I can finally say something...

We're moving back to civilization! It wasn't exactly planned, but once it became a possibility we just had to go with it. See, we had planned on staying here in the middle of no where and started searching for some places to live. Unfortunately, we found that only one place up here met our requirements. However, the area was known for high crime, gangs and drugs. Which kinda makes me giggle because I live in redneck country. Rednecks don't have gangs...

Anyway, we decided to start looking further south and I pretty much immediately got discouraged. Our two requirements: (1) accept two cats and (2) have a washer and dryer in the apartment/house. Apparently these things are completely unheard of. So about the time that I became resigned to the fact that we were going to live in overpriced horribly insulated current apartment hell, my Google search turned up a new location.

A new location 10 minutes from work. That accepted two pets. And had a washer and dryer. And was in our price range. It also had a pool not surrounded in flowers. And it even offered waterfront apartments. I stared at the website for a good 20 minutes in complete shock.

Then the realization hit me. A TEN minute commute. If I woke up at the same time I do now living there, I could exercise for an hour, take a non-rushed shower, blow dry and style my hair, spend some time with the cats and make my lunch all BEFORE I'd need to leave for work. Isn't that incredible? I could also leave work at 5:00 and arrive home at 5:10 PM. I'd only be 25-30 minutes from my friends. Insane amounts of shopping would be within 20 minutes away. I'D NEVER HAVE TO DRIVE ON THE HIGHWAY TO GET HOME AGAIN! I immediately told Tom that we were moving there. He didn't get a choice.

Luckily, he had no complaints. :)

Sunday - last Sunday's meal that I didn't get to make

Monday - Korean Street Tacos with Korean Cucumber Salad

Tuesday - Dirty Brown Rice with Shrimp

Wednesday - Skinny Texas Cheese Fries with Corn and Black Bean Burgers

Thursday - Oven Baked Sriracha Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Sauteed Zucchini and Squash

Friday - Tom's choice from the pantry

I figured I may as well give you the menu in case you aren't interested in my move. But if you are interested, great, because I have more to share.

We're moving in the middle of May. This leaves approximately 6 weekends before we move. There are things we said we were going to do while living up here that we never did. So now on top of my overwhelming desire to do a super-spring cleaning and get rid of anything I don't feel like packing, I also have a list of things to do before we're allowed to leave. It's going to be a pretty busy next couple of months but I absolutely can't wait.  

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  1. I miss my 10 minute commute and ability to run errands during my lunch. I'm excited for you!


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