Weekly Menu 4/29 - 5/4


Ugh. What an interesting weekend.

My list of places to visit before we leave is collecting dust because all of a sudden Mother Nature decided dreary cold weekends are the new "in" thing to do. I had grand plans of getting everything packed this weekend until we got home Friday evening and I remembered, you know what makes packing easier? When you actually bring home the ginormous stacks of boxes currently invading your office. Then the damn toilet won't stop running, Dr. Google isn't helping and the maintenance people don't consider it an emergency so they won't be here until Monday.

I beg to differ. When your 'water company' is a third-party billing company located in Florida with the worst BBB records EVER and you're paying $60 a month (yes, A MONTH, you read that right) for water which includes a $5 "administrative fee" which involves speaking to incompetent morons and receiving your bill 5 days before its due which then adds a $10 late fee, IT.IS.A.FREAKING.EMERGENCY!

My apologies for the excessive use of the word "which" in the above run-on sentence. I can wholeheartedly say that one thing I will absolutely NOT MISS when we move is the ridiculousness associated with receiving that free natural resource called water. I've already confirmed with the new apartment complex that they don't use third-party billing companies in other states who think I'm stupid enough to believe they "manually read my water meter". Please, oh incompetent one with an attitude, explain to me how you manually read my water meter attached to my apartment building in the state of Maryland while you are located in central Florida? I've heard of good eyesight but you really may want to contact Stan Lee with your superhuman abilities. I'm sure it pays more than what the water company does.

I digress. You're here to see what I'm cooking for the week, not what I think about D rated third-party billing companies for water. 

Sunday - Mushroom Stuffed Pork with Wild Rice and Roasted Green Beans 

Monday - Kitchen Sink Frittata

Tuesday - SRC-Style Recipe Swap

Wednesday - Baked Cod and Fries

Thursday - Chicken Parmesan

Friday - Tacos (the ones we didn't make this past Friday)

My initial plans didn't include any recipes requiring more than a few ingredients but I realized we're going to have two weeks like that (the week of the move and the week after since restocking the fridge and freezer is costly) so I may as well make as many recipes as possible. 
Make sure to check back on Friday when the SRC-Style Recipe Swap post will go live! Tom is extremely excited for this one.

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