Weekly Menu 5/13-16


I wasn't planning on having a menu for this week because I assumed that there wouldn't be anything left in the freezer and we'd be living off cereal, ramen and take out. But due to a couple of days in the past few weeks where I didn't cook, we have just enough food for me to make dinner until Wednesday. Then the freezer will be completely empty. I'm definitely not looking forward to the grocery bill to restock it again!

I'm beginning to go crazy looking at boxes. I feel like they're multiplying while we sleep. If you've ever moved before you know just how insane it is to try to keep your house presentable while packing. It's making me twitchy that I can't vacuum an entire room because of the boxes. I just want everything all nice and organized in its new home!

So the bare bones menu consists of:

Sunday - shrimp bisque

Monday - sloppy joes

Tuesday - beer battered cod with chips

Wednesday - Italian sausages

I'm figuring that Thursday and Friday will be some form of take out. I don't want to see any dishes other than of the plastic/paper variety after Wednesday night.

Wish me luck this week as I pack up our remaining things, spend Friday morning unpacking whatever can be hauled there while patiently waiting for the Comcast man and organizing, organizing, organizing Friday straight through Sunday. Maybe Monday. We'll see.  

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