Weekly Menu 5/28 - 6/1


It's been a little over a week since we moved and I think I'm falling into a routine rather nicely. Last weekend was just absolutely exhausting. I'm still not ready to ever see a box again, but in happier news, I can now walk up and down the three flights of steps to and from the apartment without feeling like my legs are going to fall off.

We only have two or three things left to do, mostly because of my intense desire for organization. I will admit that it is completely driving me crazy that we still don't have the bookshelf/cabinet put together so I have boxes of things on the dining room floor and that I'm still waiting on another shelf for the pantry from maintenance which means my pantry is currently just stuff stacked on top of other things in a gigantic jumbled mess.

But I've had a very interesting thing happen over the past week. You know that relaxed no pressure to run errands or clean or constantly be doing something feeling that you have when you're on vacation? I have that. On Monday I had off work and had to leave for a doctor's appointment at 10. So at 9 I decided I'd run to the bank, dollar store and grocery store. Very unlike me. Another day during the week we randomly decided to go to Target and Ikea after work. Living in civilization is incredibly convenient!

I no longer feel any desire to rush around and clean or go to the grocery store instead of doing something fun. This is incredibly strange for me and I'm almost waiting for the feeling to go away, but I'd really prefer if it didn't. I'm also trying to figure out how having a larger apartment can take less time to clean. It's rather strange, but something that I definitely won't complain about!

I'm still getting used to the kitchen (and searching for things in the pantry) but confession: I don't have any more posts lined up after Wednesday, so I need to start making some new items!

Monday - Spicy Thai Noodles (they got bumped last week in favor of Chickfila)

Tuesday - Margarita Chicken Quesadillas

Wednesday - Caprese Burgers

Thursday - Pasta alla Erbe

Friday - Asian Flank Steak Skewers with Edamame Fried Rice 

We're going to my mom's to hang out by the pool today and hopefully will eat lunch late enough that I don't need to plan on a dinner for tonight.

I hope you're enjoying this holiday weekend!

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