Weekly Menu 6/20 - 6/28


Did you miss me last week?We went to the beach and visited Tom's family and I spent Friday evening getting this:

on the inside of my left ankle. See, now you have proof that I really do have an obsession with flip flops and I love the beach. You can also see that I'm incredibly pale, but I'm not sure that tells you anything. I've wanted another tattoo for a while now and wanted something beachy but I didn't know what. One day Tom suggested that I get flip flops leaning up against a palm tree. Its been quite some time since he made that suggestion, but it finally came to life last weekend.

I absolutely love it. Its 100 times better than I could have ever imagined when I pictured flip flops against a palm tree. I could easily stare at my ankle all day if it wouldn't get uncomfortable to sit/stand/lay in a position to do so. Dana at Bewitched Tattoo is incredibly talented. There are no other words for it. Disclaimer: Bewitched Tattoo has no idea I'm writing this. Its solely my opinion on my super awesome tattoo and I'm not receiving anything (financial or otherwise) for telling you how awesome they are.

Now that we have that out of the way, what do you think? Do you have any tattoos? I'm having a hard time deciding on whether I want my next one to be beach-related or possibly something cooking related. Such a tough call.

So anyway, the point in showing you the new tattoo was to explain that we didn't get home from the beach until 5 or so on Sunday and I had no idea grocery list much less no idea what I was making for the week, so I skipped the menu and just decided to do a little bit of back tracking this week to cover it all.

Wednesday 6/20 - Spicy Basil Chicken 

Thursday 6/21 - Beef Burrito Bowls

Friday 6/22 - Prosciutto Paninis

Saturday 6/23 - Smokey Pork Fajitas

Sunday 6/24 - Recipe Swap Meal 

Monday 6/25 - Jalapeno Popper Pizza

Tuesday  6/26 - Chicken Cheese Enchiladas with Mexican Street Corn

Wednesday 6/27 - Sriracha Mac and Cheese

Thursday 6/28 - either Shrimp Skewers or Shrimp Tacos

You may also notice something else unusual...

That there are recipes planned for Friday and Saturday. My designated no-cook days. Well, I tend to go overboard if I haven't cooked for a while and I also have the slight issue that I refuse to wait another week or so to make these recipes so I'm cooking on my non-cook days. I can't help it.

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