Berry White Popsicles



I've wanted to make my own frozen creations for quite some time now. While I really want to pull out the ice cream maker, there just isn't quite enough room in the freezer to do so. Hopefully we'll get a deep freezer soon and then I won't need to worry about space anymore! But since I can't make ice cream, I decided to make the next best thing...popsicles!

99% of the time in the summer I prefer a fruit flavored popsicle to ice cream. Its just fresher and lighter. Which is exactly what I was craving when I came across this recipe. Even though these are made with milk, I decided to give them a shot because I had all of the ingredients on hand.

Berry White Popsicles
Source: Taste of Home, June/July 2012
Servings: 6
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    • 2/3 cup chopped berries
    • 2/3 cup whole milk
    • 1 tbsp. honey
    • 1 tsp. vanilla extract

1. Whisk together the milk, honey and vanilla until combined. Add in the berries. Pour the mixture into popsicle molds and freeze for at least 4 hours. 

While these were good and satisfied my popsicle craving, the milk made these really rich and the berries weren't particularly sweet. I want to play around with this recipe some and see if macerating the berries first will help with the sweetness and if using 1% milk will take away from the richness.

Above is what happens when you try to take a picture in a new place and have a very curious kitten.

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