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Whew! What a week! A holiday shouldn't fall in the middle of the work week. It confuses everything. Thursday felt like Monday and on Friday I wasn't sure if it was Friday or Tuesday. Since I had off work on Wednesday I went to my mom's house with my aunt and cousin and hung out at the pool.

Yesterday we went back for a huge family party where some of my aunts and cousins came up from the beach to visit with us. Even though it was 101 degrees outside and I got sidetracked enough to only put on sunblock once, I got absolutely no sun. How the hell does this happen?

We also got new bedroom furniture yesterday. Now that we have a complete matching set I feel a bit like an adult. Funny how those things happen. The furniture looks kind of big in our small bedroom but there isn't much we can really do about it. I'm just happy to have a headboard and footboard! Of course a new bedroom set meant new bedding.

I finally convinced Tom that gray and purple are absolutely awesome colors together and we need to have it in our bedroom. I found a cute quilt set with throw pillows on my last trip to Home Goods and then found a perfect lavender quilt online at JC Penney. I'm just patiently waiting for it to arrive then I'll take pictures of my new bedding. Since our furniture is a modern and not very girly at all, I decided to girl it up a bit with the girly-est pillow I could find. It looks like this:

It doesn't get much girlier than that!

I took home a dozen or so crabs from my moms party to turn into crab soup so one of the meals planned for the week may just get bumped in favor of Old Bay Awesomeness.

Sunday - I'm eating my vegetarian recipe swap and Tom is having Bacon Lover's Mac and Cheese

Monday - Cream Cheese & Poblano Turkey Burgers with Garlic-Chive Fries

Tuesday - Linguine with Pepper Cream Sauce

Wednesday - Caramelized Onion & Bacon Pizza

Thursday - Chicken Enchiladas

I also have a TON of blueberries so I think I'm going to make blueberry pancakes and possibly a crisp. I have some super tropical sounding muffins to make for breakfast this week so I promise to get that recipe up soon! And I finally picked up some rum so we can make use of our mint plant and drink some mojitos!


  1. OMG do you deliver? I need some of that bacon pizza.

    1. LOL I wish. That could be a fun side job.


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