Weekly Menu 8/26 - 8/30


Did you miss me last week? I intended to post the menu before I left for the bingo weekend at the beach but I ran out of time.

I think I mentioned the purpose of the bingo before, right? If not, my aunt decided that when she received her first social security check she would hold a bingo for all of the women in the family and use the check money as the jack pot. This is something my grandmother did as well. For weeks my aunt and I emailed each other back and forth about the menu and finally decided I would be responsible for appetizers.

I made caprese skewers, mini mac and cheese cups and soft pretzel bites. Look the the caprese skewers and mac and cheese cups recipes to come soon! Everything turned out really, really well but the pretzel bites were gobbled up instantly! As for winning, I didn't do too badly at all. I won $70. The big winner of the day was my cousin who won $175.

We also created a new holiday. Well, kind of. See, two of my aunts are snowbirds and head to Florida in October so unless we head down there, we never see them for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I have a few other family members who live on the Eastern Shore and we usually don't see them either. It seems like the beach is where we can all congregate. But since those family members always miss out on my holiday adventures, we decided to have a party in September where everyone comes to me and I cook for them. It was creatively named "Nichole Cooks, Y'all Eat" I even let them choose ingredients that I would feature in the menu. I got quite the variety of ingredients but I think we should be able to pull everything together nicely.

Once it gets closer to the party (September 29th) I'll post the menu and then do a recap.

The menu for this week is mostly things I chose for other weeks but didn't end up making for one reason or another.

Sunday - Red Wine & Garlic Marinated Steaks, Mushroom Risotto and Green Beans

Monday - Corn and Tomato Pizza (for me, Tom will have pepperoni more than likely)

Tuesday - Roasted Pork Tenderloin over Wild Rice and Grilled Nectarines

Wednesday - Emeril's Sloppy Joe's with Garlic-Herb Fries and Stuffed Zucchini 

Thursday - Pineapple Mango Chicken Stir Fry

I'm also making my choice for the Secret Recipe Club and my dessert for the Recipe Swap! Unfortunately the weather channel lied to me and it's not sunny at all this weekend. So instead of going to the pool, I'll be in the kitchen.  

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