Weekly Menu 10/14 - 10/19


How is it the middle of October? This year is flying by at quite an alarming rate. I've barely adjusted to the fact that summer has left and we're practically halfway through fall! I've barely even busted out the apple and pumpkin recipes!

I had nothing planned for this weekend so I figured I'd spend the majority of it in the kitchen baking and cooking up a storm. For other people to eat though, as I'm kind of going back on a diet again. It's the only one that I had a bunch of success with and I'm hoping this time, combining it with a bunch of exercise will actually get me some decent results.

If you're wondering, its The Abs Diet. I bought the new cookbook on Amazon and that's where the majority of the recipes this week are coming from, desserts aside. As for exercise, well, you're going to laugh. I don't have a lot of time that I can spend at the fitness center and the times I can spend there, 98% of the time, people are using all of the treadmills, elliptical and stationary bikes. So, at the advice of an internet friend, I purchased a workout DVD called...Brazilian Butt Lift.

I know, I know. Laugh it up. Then search for it on Youtube, watch the videos and laugh your ass off some more. Leandro, the Brazilian guy who created this workout, is...interesting. He is very positive and encouraging and my favorite part is that he calls your butt the bum bum but with his accent it comes out as "boom boom". While I can't samba to save my life, I try to keep my uncoordinated-self following as much as possible. Two weeks in and I can say, there is a slight change in my thighs and butt. Now I just need to increase the workouts and hopefully I can see some decent results by Halloween.

Fingers crossed.

Sunday - Seafood Stew

Monday - Filet topped with Grilled Onions, Roasted Red Potatoes and Sauteed Spinach

Tuesday - Turkey Burgers and Fries

Wednesday - Grilled Chicken Florentine with Broccolini 

Thursday - Pork with Apples and Green Beans 

For lunch this week I'm having a turkey wrap reminiscent of Thanksgiving, as it is stuffed with turkey, cranberry sauce and mixed greens. I'm excited! And the baked goodies I plan on sharing with my coworkers include my Improv Challenge recipe, some apple cookies and maybe some pumpkin ice cream. We shall see.

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