Recipe Swap: Crunchy Chicken with Sesame Rice and Green Beans


I always get nervous when I see that the next recipe swap is for celebrity recipes. For some reason I rarely make recipes by celebrities anymore. I think this means I should pull out the huge pile of cookbooks currently collecting dust on my bookshelf and get to it, huh?

For this swap, I was given our lovely host Sarah's blog and a Rachael Ray recipe. I was a bit hesitant since I don't always get along with Rachael Ray recipes. There was once a time where I tried a pretzel coated chicken dish she had and ended up with burnt pieces of pretzel all over my kitchen and the smoke alarm going off. I also haven't fried anything since we left the comfort of the electric stove in our last apartment.

Crunchy Chicken with Sesame Rice and Green Beans 
Source: A Taste of Home Cooking, adapted from Every Day with Rachael Ray
Servings: 3-4
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    • 1 cup rice
    • 2 tbsp. sesame seeds, toasted
    • salt and pepper
    • 1/3 cup mayo
    • 1 tsp. soy sauce
    • 1 tsp. Sriracha
    • 1 cup Panko
    • 2 eggs
    • oil, for frying
    • 1 lb. chicken breasts, cut into bite sized pieces
    • 1 lb. green beans, trimmed
1. Cook rice according to directions. Add salt and pepper and 1 tbsp. of sesame seeds. Keep warm.
2. Combine mayo, soy sauce and Sriracha in a bowl and stir together. Set aside.
3. Place Panko in a shallow dish. Whisk together the eggs in another shallow dish.
4. Add enough oil to a skillet to be 1/4 inch deep. Heat over medium. Preheat the oven to 200.
5. Season the chicken pieces with salt and pepper. Dip each piece of chicken into the eggs then into the Panko. Repeat with all remaining pieces of chicken.
6. Fry the chicken in batches until golden brown. Place on a paper towel lined baking sheet, then transfer to the oven to keep warm.
7. Wipe out the skillet and add a bit more oil. Add the green beans and cook for 5-7 minutes or until tender.
8. Plate the chicken with the dipping sauce. Sprinkle remaining sesame seeds over the green beans.

I couldn't help but add a little bit of heat to the dipping sauce by adding in the Sriracha. Somehow the recipes I've made recently wouldn't work well with Sriracha and I could sense the bottle was feeling a little lonely in the cabinet. The chicken was perfectly crunchy, the dipping sauce was incredible and sesame seeds are such a nice addition to jazz up some rice. It was only the green beans and I that didn't get along. I didn't want to fry them, so I attempted to saute them which didn't really turn out so well. When I make this again, I'm just going to steam them I think. 


  1. I'm so glad you liked it. I always worry about Rachael Ray recipes as well but this is a great, simple meal. I steam the green beans - I should probably change the recipe (I just copied it from her website).

  2. This sounds delicious. I can never get coating to stick to meat one cooking weakness.

  3. I'm not usually drawn to Rachael Ray recipes, but this looks like a winner! I'm always looking for easy weeknight meals and this looks perfect!


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