Weekly Menu 1/27 - 1/31


I think there is something wrong with me. That evil white stuff that I normally hate has fallen from the sky twice in the past 10 days and...

No extreme whining. No grumbling. Nada. I just accepted that white stuff will fall from the sky as long as I live in this state during the winter. And confession: I almost kinda liked it.

I'm thinking this is some weird side effect that is only happening because we didn't get any significant snowfall last year. Or maybe I'm going insane. I'm not really sure.

The temperatures however, have been another story. It has been bitterly cold here. Like single digit plus a wind chill kind of cold. That kind of cold that seeps into your bones and gets stuck there no matter what you do to try and get warm.

However, this is the last week of January which means we really only have another 9-10 weeks before signs of spring should really start appearing. And I don't really want to rush that because we're FINALLY going to Florida and I have a ton of weight to lose.

Sunday - lighter chicken pot pie

Monday - deconstructed wonton soup

Tuesday - eggs benedict (hopefully)

Wednesday - shrimp bisque 

Thursday - steak with roasted red potatoes and asparagus 

I also need to whip up some muffins for breakfast next week and a huge pot of vegetable soup for lunches. 

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