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I am one of the cheapest people I know when it comes to spending money on electronics. I cringe every time I have to do it. Including when I bought my iPhone 4s, which is after they greatly reduced the price because they released the 5.

So would you ever believe that I'm sitting here right now typing to you on my new Google Nexus tablet?

No, me either. But, I've wanted one for a while now and it just seemed to make sense to get one before going to Florida. This way, I can still keep up on my blog posts without having to use my aunts computer or Tom needing to bring his work laptop. Plus I can play games and view webpages that are too small to see on my phone.

Which may lead you to question why I have an iPhone and a Google tablet. I used to have an Android phone and I LOATHED it, so when they dropped the price of the 4s, I immediately wanted one. Everyone I knew that had one loved it and Apple isn't really known for errors. And I do love my phone, but I can't blog on it and I'm waaaaay too cheap to purchase an iPad. Plus there is the little fact that Google owns my soul.

I've mentioned that before right, that I use practically every app/program that Google has bought or created. So here I am with the Nexus and after some initial `where the hell is that option????' moments, all is well.

So well actually that I haven't given up and resorted to typing this on a computer. I'd call that a worthwhile purchase, yes?

And onto the food (finally) since that's why you're here.

Sunday - bacon cheeseburgers topped with fried eggs, sweet potato fries, salad

Monday - crock pot pork and green chile stew over rice

Tuesday - bacon and blue cheese stuffed chicken breast, baked potatoes, green beans

Wednesday - pasta with bacon, asparagus and Parmesan cheese 

Thursday - crab cakes, fries, salad 

For breakfast I'm having blueberry coconut muffins and for lunch, whole wheat pitas stuffed with tuna.

Oh and today I'm over-indulging in wine amend junk foods with some friends at a wine tasting. Yum! 

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