Weekly Menu 4/8 - 4/11


Before I started typing this, I remembered I wanted to check the weather for this week. Last week they were saying spring was finally going to arrive this week, and given the fact that it SNOWED AFTER THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING, I was a bit hesitant.

After glancing at the temperatures, I shook my head thinking my eyes were deceiving me, but no, SPRING IS REALLY COMING! They saying it will be 73 tomorrow, 78 on Tuesday and 76 on Wednesday, my birthday. YES! I guess the spray tan, pedicure and manicure are definitely going to come in handy this week.

Of course, now that spring is here, I immediately want colder-weather foods. I don't understand. I woke up this morning thinking that turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy sounded delicious. Then maybe chili another night.

But this week is a short one, we're going out for my birthday, and I stuck to weather-neutral foods.

Sunday - Cajun Chicken Pasta

Monday - Mongolian Beef

Tuesday - Shrimp and Grits

Wednesday - OUT

Thursday - Pizza, toppings to be decided 

For breakfast this week, I'm enjoying Prosciutto Egg Cups, and lunch is still pretty undecided. I'm thinking about veggie wraps again since I still have a decent amount of leftover hummus.

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