Weekly Menu 5/19 - 5/23


So, I have a bit of a confession to make. I'm almost out of recipes.

See, I usually have at least five days of scheduled recipes all lined up and ready to be shared with you. Sometimes its even 10 recipes. Except, I didn't bother to make a bunch of food in the weeks leading up to my Florida trip and then I only cooked once while we were there, which resulted in two recipes.

So what does that mean? Just that if/until I create a back log of recipes again, I won't be posting every day. Which isn't all that unusual. Not a lot of bloggers have a recipe to share every single day. Plus, isn't it more about quality than quantity?

I still have an absolute ton of recipes that I want to make, but there is also the small issue of June 1, 2013. See, that marks 10 years since I graduated high school. And there is a reunion. Nothing fancy, we're all just meeting up at a bar, however, when you haven't seen people in a long time, you wish to look your best right? And what does that mean? That I'm going to be eating pretty healthy foods from how until June 1st to see if any of this extra weight falls off by then.

This week starts my super healthy eating adventure. If you've checked out Eating Well's website, you may have found that they offer different diets by number of days and by calories to consume. All but one of my recipes is coming from there. Ironically, two are recipes I've previously made. At least for one of them, it gives me the chance to possibly take a better picture.

Since Tom isn't about to embark on this healthy food adventure with me, the changes to the meals he will eat are listed in italics. 

Sunday - BBQ pulled chicken (on a bun), brown rice, steamed green beans (with a sauce)

Monday - Veggie burgers (cheeseburger), grilled zucchini fries (chips), salad 

Tuesday - Green Eggs and Ham Frittata, salad

Wednesday - Grilled Steak with Baby Bell Peppers, brown rice 

Thursday - Spicy Soy Pork, brown rice, steamed green beans 

I'm not sure I can even get Tom to consume that much brown rice so I may need to come up with another place for his steak and pork. Possibly a bag of fries or maybe a baked potato.

For breakfast, I'm having whole wheat waffles with fruit and lunch will be plain tuna on whole wheat toast with a salad. Fun huh?

Although I am making my recipe swap recipe which is a dessert. I am sure I will more than enjoy this. 

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