Weekly Menu 8/25 - 8/30


I have been the queen of procrastination this weekend. We went to my mom's yesterday and I knew about it way in advance, yet what did I do all weekend? Friday we went to the grocery store and I should have gotten some of the cleaning done, but I was tired. Saturday morning before going to my mom's I did manage to clean. I did have to make a pot of impromptu crab soup last night, but that is another story.

Today, I knew that I had nothing blogged for the week, a time consuming dinner scheduled for today and nothing baked. So what did I do? I went to the pool for 2 hours, read a book for an hour, took a leisurely shower, and messed around on the internet. So here it is, almost 7 PM and I've only started dinner and still have nothing blogged.

I'd also like to go to the beach next weekend even though its Labor Day weekend and should be incredibly nightmarish with traffic. We've only been once so I figure I might as well use this last three day weekend wisely, right?

Sunday - Firecracker chicken over rice with corn on the cob

Monday - Maryland Crab Soup

Tuesday - Rum and Spice Glazed Pork with baked potatoes and green beans

Wednesday - Queso Nachos

Thursday - Chicken Fajitas with Jalapeno Cream Cheese Rice

Friday - Pizza 

Yes, that is the same firecracker chicken that has been on the menu for like a month now. However, its currently in the oven so at least you know I've stopped just adding it to the list. The nachos are also a repeat (again) even though I did make them last week. Just, we really liked them and they weren't picture worthy so I decided to try again.

Breakfast this week is another round of green smoothies and lunch is a spicy basil beef salad.

I had intended to make whoopie pies, but got as far as making the cookies. So we just have 2 dozen cookies instead. I also planned on a peach galette but that didn't work out either, so we're lacking in the desserts department this weekend! 

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