Weekly Menu 9/1 - 9/5


I absolutely love three day weekends because you get Second Saturday. The first Saturday you get to do all of your regular Saturday activities and then Second Saturday, you can do the same again instead of preparing for work/school the next day. 

This is a bit of a random weekend for us. Earlier in the week, my friend happened to say something like "we should get everyone together like we used to and play card games." That sounded like fun and I agreed, except I can't ever just do things as planned. 

I came home from work that day and suddenly an idea popped in my head. I asked Tom what he thought about ordering Cards Against Humanity and having people over this weekend. He was up for it, so I ordered the game and then managed to plan out a menu and invite everyone within about 2 hours. There might be something wrong with me. 

Except, nothing for this party went as planned so far and it hasn't even happened yet. On Friday UPS drove me insane with their inability to do their job: deliver a package. I had plans to get a much-needed pedicure but instead did some grocery shopping while impatiently waiting for a UPS supervisor to call me back so I could drive 30+ minutes out of my way to pick it up at their facility. 

Saturday, my plans were to go to Target to get a prescription filled, go to the pool, clean and somehow get a pedicure. This was somewhat thrown out of wack when I returned from the pool to see Tom had gotten my subliminal messages for the past month and everything in the apartment was moved around and being deep-cleaned. Instead of the usual 2 hours it takes me to clean everything, it took us like 7 with a stop for showering, pedicures and food in the middle. 

Today it was supposed to be rainy and ugly. Of course the sun has been out all day and while every summer-loving being of my body was calling me to go to the pool for the final day there, I opted to stay inside and prepare all of the food. Probably the smarter idea. 

You're getting two menus today. The one for the party that's happening in 2 hours (and I'm not even dressed!)  and the menu for the rest of the week. 

Cards Against Humanity Party Menu
balsamic-honey beef sliders
Old Bay wings
mini mac and cheese cups
pepperoni puffs
puff pastry jalapeno poppers
veggies and dip
queso and chips
mojito fruit salad
caramel brownie bites
Reese's cake 
liquor-soaked gummy bears

I've prepared everything except for the wings and Reese's cake, which my friends are bringing. 

The menu for this week includes:

Monday - bacon cheeseburgers with homemade fries and corn on the cob

Tuesday - crock pot stewed chicken 

Wednesday - rum and spice pork tenderloin, baked potatoes and green beans 

Thursday - lasagna roll ups, salad 

For breakfast I'm still having green smoothies and for lunch I'm going to enjoy some vegetable soup along with turkey, cheese and crackers (basically a grown-up Lunchable)

Since I have less than 2 hours before people arrive, I'm not going to have something blogged for tomorrow morning, so if you're a 6 am reader, I apologize. I'm sure the fuzzy alarm clocks won't let me sleep too late so there will be something up to share with you in the morning hours tomorrow. 

How did you spend your Labor Day weekend? And are you ready for the end of summer? I'm not. ::cries::

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