Weekly Menu 9/15 - 9/19


I think Mother Nature got a little bit confused last week. So Labor Day happened and the masses were all "fall! sweaters! pumpkin spice lattes!" and Mother Nature was all "Nope. Nope. Nope. 90 degree days with humidity for you!"

And then Friday night I turned off the air and opened the windows since it was in the low 70's and a nice breeze was going on. Saturday morning I woke up shivering. Why? Because it was 66 degrees in the apartment and I had slept in shorts and a tank top. At first I got dressed for the day in capri's and a tank top with a cardigan over it. However, the longer I hung around waiting for snoring beauty (my husband) to wake up, the colder I got. The capri's were changed to jeans and I added some fuzzy socks. I was still cold and debated on adding a fleece but had to remind myself that it's September, not January so I better adjust quickly.

The menu for this week is all about being simplistic and not for any particular reason other than I have foods that will allow me to do so. Okay fine, and maybe because I'm hoping that with minimal dinner preparation I'll get to bed earlier thus waking up early enough to exercise. We'll see how this goes.

Even though our 3 year anniversary is this week, I'm not cooking anything special for it. We purchased tickets to the county wine festival at the end of this month which comes with some delicious food options so that will be our celebration. I did offer for us to go to dinner this weekend since our anniversary is a Tuesday, but someone never picked a place.

Anywho, the menu plans for this week include:

Sunday - cranberry dijon roasted pork, roasted red potatoes and sugared asparagus

Monday - grandma's beef and vegetable soup 

Tuesday - french toast, bacon, fruit

Wednesday - mozzarella stuffed chicken, baked potatoes, aspargus

Thursday - grilled ham and cheese, salad

For breakfast this week I'm keeping up with the smoothies even though it means I'll definitely need to turn the heat on in my car. For lunch I'm planning on some BLT sandwiches. Baked goodies include muffins, a breakfast pastry and a crisp.

Oh! and something else I wanted to tell you about. So, last week there was a post on the cooking board I frequent about bad blog pictures. I am more than guilty of this in my few years of blogging, so I have made a effort to go back through my old posts and share at least a new, better picture with you.

"You eat with your eyes first." has always been a true statement, but with websites like Pinterest out there, bloggers with less than average photo skills can definitely feel that their recipes will never be shared because they aren't as pretty as some of the other bloggers out there who pay for fancy editing software or who are lucky enough to work from home, or not at all, and can take pictures during the best daylight hours.

So, in attempts to hopefully provide you with some better pictures, I've made a list of recipes to redo. Tom is more than excited since I rarely repeat recipes. 


  1. Ouch! That line about photos kind of stings. I think a lot of photo taking has less to do with the equipment and editing and more to do with the style of the photo. I've taken some lovely shots with my iPhone and some hideous ones with my DSLR. And even though I'm a SAHM, I usually don't have time to shoot recipes during the day while my daughter naps and end up racing against the last of daylight to get a good shot when my husband is home and watching her.

    1. I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to come across as rude. Re-reading it, its a poorly worded statement that isn't completely accurate. I just meant I know there are bloggers out there who feel like they're never going to have their recipes pinned or be recognized compared those who can make blogging a profession. Which makes sense, you should be good at what you do, its just hard for those who want their recipes shared but can only blog as a hobby. Hopefully that comes off a little better. I'm not the best at explaining myself sometimes.

  2. I completely disagree with the implication that all bloggers with good photos must use special software or work from home. A great photo has so much more to do with understanding how to use your camera, knowing how to work with the light you have available, and just having an eye for what looks good. Practice and honest self critique, more than anything else, are the best way to improve your skills.


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