Weekly Menu 10/13 - 10/18


I've never been able to plan out a menu for longer than a week and actually follow it, until this week apparently. So when I decided I would finish the month with clean eating recipes, I ended up choosing recipes to carry me through right through the end of the month. It was quite nice earlier in the week to know that I needed to do nothing but write down the ingredients for the recipes I previous chose. I might try to plan in longer increments from now on! 

I'll start off with the menu for this week and then share my results during the cleanse. It's not over yet, but I'm confident that the results aren't going to change, so it's worth it to do it today. 

Sunday - leaner gwumpki rolls

Monday - pineapple chicken stir fry over brown rice

Tuesday - grilled steak, baked potatoes and spinach salad

Wednesday - roasted turkey breast with apricot preserves, mashed sweet potatoes and cheesy green bean casserole 

Thursday - ground beef and black bean tacos

Friday - chicken and barley stew

For breakfast this week, I'm having pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and lunch is chicken and brown rice soup. 

The Cleanse Results:
So, people take these things pretty seriously and have pretty strong opinions on them that they're not scared to share. I was told I was stupid for joining a cleanse cult, a moron for wasting my money, an idiot for thinking I'd lose weight, and "plain f---ing stupid" for even bothering with a cleanse because "everyone knows your body naturally cleanses itself". 

I'll repeat what I stated before starting the cleanse. Any time that you participate in an elimination diet you will typically lose weight until that item is reintroduced into your diet. I'm quite aware of this. Additionally, I did not go into this expecting to lose a bunch of weight.  I simply decided to join a friend in doing this. Period. 

So, how has it gone? Fine. The fiber drink isn't tasty but its manageable when you add in some type of juice with it and use cold water. I was concerned about swallowing pills, but the big pills are taken at night which wasn't a problem for me. 

I had absolutely no issues giving up coffee, which kind of surprised me. The last day I had coffee was October 4th. I'm not sure if I'm going to reintroduce it or not. I've been drinking tea lately and I feel fine. My one cheat on the cleanse has been using 1/4 packet of Splenda in my tea. 

I was part of the Facebook page and had posted to see if anyone didn't lose weight in the first couple of days. I got a few responses about how you're not meant to lose weight on this cleanse. Yet every day there was a post "X days in, X pounds down!" so obviously that isn't really the case. 

And the final results: nothing. I didn't lose any weight at all. I measured on the third day (forgot to before then) and measured today with absolutely no change at all. While I didn't expect magical results, it's still kind of disappointing that no matter what I do, I'm not losing weight. Not even a measly pound. 

Burning 1 pound worth of calories in exercise = nothing. 
Counting calories = nothing. 
Combination of both = nothing. 
Having thyroid checked = nothing wrong with it. 

I'm assuming starvation would eventually lead to weight loss, but since I'm not into that kind of thing I guess I have no choice but to accept that I'm never going to look the way I did a year ago before I started a birth control pill that didn't have weight gain as a side effect but managed to make me gain weight every month. 

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