Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope your turkey day is going well so far. In lieu of a recipe today, I decided I'd share some pictures of prepping everything yesterday.

Fortunately, I am not included in any of these, as I just realized I never brushed my hair or changed out of my pajamas all day Wednesday. Oops?

Butternut Squash and Poblano Gratin - I'm really excited about this one. Also, note my recipe in the background with color coded notes on what to do each day. 

That's sugar burnt onto a baking sheet. This is after it soaked for 6 hours. 
Ina Garten lied to me. She said that if I covered my whole sheet with parchment paper this wouldn't happen. Thanks a lot, Ina. 

Herbed Compound Butter - recipe coming soon! 

A total last minute addition - vanilla cinnamon butter

Think the refrigerator is full enough? 

Itty had a hard day watching me. 

This was supposed to be red onion, pear and rosemary focaccia. 
The onions burnt and I think it's more of a flatbread than a focaccia since it never rose. 

Organization is key. Every dish is laid out with a sticky note telling me what to put in it.

It's completely acceptable to move your dining room table into your cats room to have more space...

...for a folding table and chairs in your actual dining room. 

Then Itty decided she wanted to be a guest and sit at the table. 

That's all folks! I've managed to cross everything off my list and then some. All that's happening the morning of is some simple reheating and baking. 

Happy Turkey Day! 

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